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Professional fence installers will use premium materials and ensure the longevity of our work. Also, our contractor will advise you on the finest fence option for your home or business. Choose a steel, wood, or material fence, depending on your demands and budget.

They have a steel, aluminum, vinyl, and wood fence. Contemporary fences are built to last with materials like hot-rolled steel, zinc galvanization, and powder coatings.

These materials’ price, lifespan, and visual appeal all change drastically. In most cases, you’ll want to use a material and design for your fence that is common or required there and well-suited to the weather conditions.

Steel is the heaviest but most secure fence material. Both decorative steel and aluminum fences take their design cues from wrought iron. However, aluminum fences are more lightweight and resistant to red rust than traditional steel fences.

Split-rail and picket fences are standard in residential areas and on ranches. Despite their classic appearance, wood fences only survive as long as their metal or vinyl counterparts. Therefore, wooden fences require frequent maintenance, including washing, painting, or staining.

custom wood fence installation

Professionals in residential fencing installation

Fences reduce insurance costs. Installing a privacy fence around your home may result in cheaper insurance premiums. A well-built fence increases the value of a house and lowers insurance expenses.

Privacy fences lower the likelihood of a burglary but do not prevent it. However, fences can be effective deterrents. Thieves are less inclined to scale fences, making robberies less likely.

Privacy fences allow you to enjoy family gatherings without being seen by neighbors or pedestrians. In addition, a privacy fence eliminates the need to relocate if you have a terrible neighbor.

Children are kept in the yard by privacy fences. Nothing worries parents more than their children running into traffic while chasing a soccer ball or being snatched.

A privacy fence limits your outdoor living space, allowing you and your family to relax without being bothered by intruders. That is required for summer pool parties. It will keep pool goers and nosy neighbors away while you’re grilling.

Types of fencing and benefits

Fencing made of chain-link

Chain-link fences are twisted steel links fastened to poles made of mild steel, galvanized iron, or concrete. The ideal utility fence is robust, affordable, and low maintenance.

This fence’s ready-to-assemble sections make it simple to personalize. In addition, chain-link Fencing is simple and quick to install. As a result, it is less expensive than other fences.

Fencing made of vinyl

Vinyl fence is low-maintenance, long-lasting, privacy-protecting, and visually appealing. In addition, you can select your preferred color.

Because vinyl is robust and waterproof, more individuals are opting for it. Any stains are removed with a household cleaner and water. It’s inexpensive and fire-resistant. It is not fireproof.

Timber fencing

A solid wood fence adds warmth to your home. There are pickets, panels, logs, lattice, and posts available. Panels are great for homeowners who value their privacy.

Choose weatherproof wood. Seasonal and termite-resistant fences keep termites away from wood fences.

Natural color-treated wood improves the appearance of a home.

The price of a wood fence is determined by its length, height, quality, and thickness.

Fencing made of composite materials

Composite Fencing is famous for its beauty, durability, and adaptability to any garden design.

Because of its modern, sleek color and simple tongue and groove fitting mechanism, Composite Fence is appropriate for various landscapes. In addition, the composite fence is warp-, rot-, and splinter-free, with a contemporary appearance.

Composite Fencing is both eco-friendly and long-lasting. As a result, composite fences are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability and inexpensive maintenance.

Roles of fences

Fences are vertical constructions that enclose an area, block traffic, or protect what is inside from outside threats. While most fences are built for practical reasons, a homeowner should consider priorities aesthetics when creating one. Fences may be stylish and functional.

Fencing improves security. It prevents animals, vehicles, and humans from entering.

Close board fence panels are a popular privacy and security screen fence. The heavy timber structure and a timber preservative ensure durability and lifespan.


Perhaps your neighbors can look into your garden, or you want to be alone. Heavy timber battens offer structural support as well as privacy-enhancing horizontal slats.

Fences effectively divide places—your residence, office, or property. An open-pale picket fence with horizontal rails and openings between the pales is an excellent option. They are pre-assembled and may be fastened to fence posts to create a barrier.


Your Fence may provide solitude and safety without detracting from the beauty of your garden. That is made more accessible by our stylish fence panels.

Privacy fences keep animals out of your garden and from causing harm. For example, a privacy fence in hilly or forested locations will protect you and your pets from bears, foxes, and other harmful critters.

The swimming pool Fencing ensures the safety of children, adults, and pets while also providing endless Elegance and Design Options.

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Commercial fencing and its applications

Because of the large crowds at festivals, it is necessary to have a solid yet simple to construct temporary fence for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Crowd management
  • Security
  • Anti-terrorism
  • Social alienation
  • Queue management

All of these factors need a zero-ground attack. But, if security is necessary, they can also deconstruct and rebuild temporary obstacles. All of the benefits of a permanent fence line in a portable form.

Our helpful team can assist you in building a fence solution that will assure the event works as smoothly as possible, whether you’re planning a concert, a carnival, a procession, or a sporting event.

Youngstown Fencing Specialists attempt to provide various temporary fencing options so our clients can choose the ones most suited to their specific needs. There are several choices available, including:

  • It can be installed on various surfaces and has a secure in-ground installation
  • Digging and debris removal are no longer required
  • Easy to install, maintain, and remove

Permanent vs. economical

Our company aids in eliminating the need for construction waste management services. Management of liability and help in restricting access to dangerous aspects of visibility and exposure affordability

Costing and time of fencing

The property’s kind, size, material, and geography determine the fence installation in Youngstown, OH. However, some standard fence types have rough estimates:

  • Wood fence installation costs between $16 and $22 per linear foot. This cost is determined by the type of wood used, the fence’s size, and the installation’s complexity.
  • Vinyl fence installation costs between $20 and $30 per linear foot. Price is determined by fence height, kind, and property size.
  • Chain link fence installation costs between $12 and $18 per linear foot. Price is determined by fence height and property size.

Permits, site preparation, and skilled installation may incur additional costs.

The fence’s size and the installation’s intricacy determine the turnaround time. Fence installation typically takes one to three days. More complex constructions may require more time.

Because these statistics are based on fundamental facts, the cost may vary. See Youngstown Fencing Specialists for a more specific estimate.

Why do-it-yourself fence installation is a wicked idea

Fencing enhances privacy, security, and beauty. DIY fences may seem beautiful but can cause costly repairs or legal issues.

Consider these criteria before DIYing a fence:

Experience and skill: Fencing is difficult. Fence materials, installation, and local building standards need skill.

Cost: DIY fences can be expensive if you need the correct tools or make mistakes that require costly repairs. Hiring a professional contractor from a reputable fence company with the knowledge and resources to do the job is often cheaper.

Safety: Fencing may include power tools, excavating trenches, and heavy materials. Get help if you’re worried.

Local construction codes: Check local building codes regarding fence height, material, and placement before building. Failure to comply may result in fence removal or modification.

DIY Fence may sound attractive, but consider the hazards and obtain professional aid if needed. These factors can help your fence project succeed and secure your property.